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​How Much Exercise Do You Need?

Do you want the text book answer or do you want reality? For the average healthy adult, the government recommends 2-1/2 hours or more per week of an activity requiring moderate effort, such as brisk walking. For optimum health and bone density protection, I recommend adding strength training and conditioning (-- and don't forget stretching for flexibility) another two to three times per week. 

Here's what they're saying about Marla...

"Marla creates a space that is welcome to all. She cares for her students and believes in each and every one of them as she is truly a spokesperson for exercise. When I took her class for the first time I had fun, I learned, I broke into a good sweat, and I left uplifted with a smile."   -- Joanna Stone, Creator of Barre Vida

For more reviews, please click on "Testimonials from Clients" above. 

FREE Offer​​​​

Get a free travel exercise surprise during your first class.

For more information contact Marla Altberg at or 646-408-4975.   ​

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